Facebook + Girl Geek Dinner + Knitting Machine Punchcards

Yeah!  I always feel super lucky when I get an email in my inbox from Girl Geek Dinner inviting me to one of their events.  It’s a lottery with usually more than thousands of girls applying to get into a spot of usually 300.  This time Facebook hosted the event at their Menlo Park HQ.

A few of the GGDs that I’ve attended have veered towards the more of the technical side, which looses me at times because of all the super technical jargoon.  The panel group this time had a unique twist, and the topic of discussion was moving from a non-technical role to a technical role.  Lined up were engineers, designers, and technical program managers who had previously came form non-technical backgrounds.  It was certainly a great source of inspiration.

I also was surprised to learn how much FB values the visual arts.  Since FB was built on the premise of innovation, I knew that great digital and UX/UI design was a given.  However, the walls of FB are covered in posters that all have been individually hand screen printed and designed by a single (very lucky) employee at FB.

As I was glancing at all the beautifully designed posters, I serendipitously found one poster of a knitting machine punchcard!  What an obscure find, and such a great example of the blend between the technical side of fashion, technology, and traditional print making techniques.


Knitting Machine Punchcard, above!





Here’s a link to GGD if you want to learn more about them.


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