Here, at svSTYLE, the “s” and the “v” standing for Silicon Valley, explores fashion in the land of technology.

Fashion and technology are like oil and water. They are distinctly two separate entities; however, when shook together they have potential to become something delicious like salad dressing or cake. Or something less yummy, like a cake with too much sugar into. That’s the thing about us kids in the tech valley, sometimes we get it right and sometimes we get it terribly wrong.

A little bit about myself. I am a fashion girl who has worked in corporate fashion, and now resides in SV. Having had grown up in the Bay Area, I can vouch for our ambivalence for fashion in its purest. By that, I am referring to Ms. Anna Wintour’s approval of fashion.  To an outsider the fashion industry can appear cockeyed. It’s both relevant and irrelevant. What is fashionable today may not be fashionable tomorrow, and visa versa.

In a world where fashion and technology are rapidly changing, the bridge or intersection between the two are growing as well.  It’s ironic how we have engineers who could care less about fashion, solving fashion technology related problems;  and fashionistas who could care less about coding, solving fashion problems for techies.  Nothing is ever black or white, and I would like to think of myself as a blend of the two.

I invite you to wanderlust with me in all things related to fashion & technology.




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