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SAP My Runway, Take Two


“Wild, wild west”, were the words uttered by Li Gong, the lead brainchild of the My Runway app from SAP, when asked about his opinions about building a fashion app in unchartered territory.  It has been more than a month since SAP hosted the last panel group, and yet again, they have delivered on some amazing speakers.  This time around, Li Gong the brainchild of My Runway, Layla Sabourian from SAP, Sarah Austin form Start-Ups: Silicon Valley, Stephanie Rahlfs from Stiletto Jungles Enterprise, Paul Friedland from Levi Strauss & Co, and Naima Mora from America’s Next Top Model were all part of the panel discussion.

In order to succeed in today’s fast-changing, complex, and technologically driven world, both corporate and personal brands have been embracing smartphones.  The main question probed has been, how fashion brands can monetize on apps?  And, what are the successful ingredients to a successful shopping app?  The panelists shared their opinions on globalization, emerging technology and changing consumer behavior and how fashion retail continues to be reshaped.

I was intrigued to hear Forbes contributor and “lifecaster” Sarah Austin reveal her first “real” fashion experience in NYC.  With a camera strapped to her head during Fashion Week, she shared to the world the first ever live-streamed fashion show that could be viewed by anyone, anywhere online.  What a great example of bridging fashion and technology.  Furthermore, she had a Anna Wintour encounter that would leave anyone speachless.  When asked for an opinion about the camera on Austin’s head, a reserved “interesting” was all that was uttered by Wintour.

As a quick recap, the My Runway app promotes fashion retailers and designers to consumers on real-time.  Personalized data provided by the user makes the experience personal, engaging, and convenient.  The app utilizes SAP HANA, the big data handler to search through thousands of entries to find you, the consumer interesting and relevant results.  What I imagine the team at My Runway is attempting to do is know what you want, before you even know that you want it, through something called predictive analytics.  Or Big Brother, I kid 🙂 .

I was so energized from this event, that I can’t wait for the next one to come!






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SAP & My Runway

Last night, SAP hosted a great panel group, consisting a mix of tech and fashion purest, and corporate and startup companies.  Those that participated were Google, ModeWalk, Glam Media, and Tory Burch.  The panelists discussed the emergence of fashion and technology, and how they influence both fashion company and personal brand.

Not surprisingly, there was a lot of talk about “humanizing the brand”.  In recent years, social media has been the tool in helping marketers have a 1:1 conversation with individuals.  We’ve learned that through social media, people engage with others who share similar goals and objectives, help each other, learn, and have fun — something  that only people can do, not a company.

SAP believes that a method of humanizing a brand will be through their My Runway app.  Kelsey Wanas of SAP writes:  “My Runway is a social shopping app that allows fashion enthusiasts to follow the brands they love, and get personalized updates on what’s new, what is trending, and what’s on sale.

  • As consumers interact with the app, brands and specialty retailers can gather market statistics on these consumers, including the brands and products they favor.
  • Consumers can see product details and nearby store locations – all with one tap. It allows fashion enthusiasts to collect products in their wish list and share with their friends.

SAP June

The panel included from left to right the Mike Giresi the CIO of Tory Burch, Nola Weinstein the Executive Editorial Director of Glam Media Inc., Beatrice Pang the Co-Founder of ModeWalk, Barbara Holzapfel the Managing Director of SAP Labs North America, Marcelle Parrish the Head of Business at eBay Fashion, and Vineet Buch the Head of Shopping Search at Google.

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Since techies are generally more analytical, here’s a breaks down in mathematical terms how high fashion and fashion inspiration works.


Courtesy of Fashematics.

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June 18, 2013 · 8:08 pm